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Trading and Investing in stock market can maximize the wealth of an individual. This stock market course will give you all the practical knowledgetools and post training support to get started.

Even an absolute beginner can understand the various aspect of stock trading and investing. Stock market course gives meaning full knowledge to become an independent trader.

Learn from basics

With us, you can learn the stock market from the basics to advance levels.

Post-Training Support

Get post-training support. It makes your trading journey easier.

Best share market academy

We got 5-star rating from our previous participants in google reviews.

Backed By A Research Expert

Our stock market courses is curated who is a registered research analyst.

Over 3,000 StudentsTrained

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Reach Your Target

By bundling the stock market courses it becomes mentoring. It helps us to evaluate your problems, keeps you motivated and push you little harder to reach your target.

Learn Stock Trading

Why Learn With Us?

Our stock market classes start from basics, however, at the end of our session 

Post-Training Support

EQSIS training doesn’t stop after the initial training. Our post-training support can certainly benefit the participants.

Save Money

Our 5 in 1 course bundle offers significant price discount. Enrolling them together you save over Rs. 12000 from the base price

5 Star Rated Stock Training Institute

Over 1700 participants have rated us with 5 stars at the various public portals.

Simple Yet Actionable Course

You will gain the confidence to trade in the stock market independently.

Course Curriculum
2 full Days Training + 30 Days Practice (Daily Activities And Performance Monitoring)
Starting From Basics (Part 1)

During the first day, we will be covering the basics of the stock market, as we know most of you know nothing about stock markets, and how trading is done.

Getting Into the Core (Part 2)

Here our basic objective is to help you build confidence, so you can start making money online. This session will focus on “how to make money”.

Understanding the Art of Technical Analysis (For Short Term Traders)

In the first half of day 2, we will help you understand the various analysis concepts, which will help you follow the market trend. We will explain real times examples with the help of charts.

Learn Value Investing Approach (For Investors)

Here you will get exposure to the widely used fundamental term such as EPS, PE ratio, Book value, and intrinsic value. This may help you will stock selection to build a long-term portfolio.

Learn How to Trade Intraday (For Day Traders)

This module covers the stock selection techniques of day trading. It also includes the top-down approach for stock selection and trade plan creation(entry and exit levels).


You have to know before
start everything

If you are new to stock market training and if you wish to learn them completely, we recommend that you you enroll in our complete stock market course bundle. This will give you roadmap and necessary guidance to master stock trading and analysis.

Yes. Beginners, traders with less than 2 years of experience, and investors who wish to build portfolios can participate in this share market training. Although there is no age bar in learning, we recommend students who finished schooling or above to enroll.

It’s standalone training. We need your interactive presence. You don’t have to prepare anything in advance. Stationary, material, and food will be provided and are included in the course fees.

Basics understanding of English is required to grasp the content. But the audience can choose to ask questions in English or Tamil or Hindi.

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